Wild Irish flowers. The rugged Galway coast. Foaming waves breaking against a mystical, ancient shore. The menagerie  of treasure washed ashore after the raging Irish storm that battered the rocks the previous night...These are the images and visions that inspire my work.

I am Brid Kivneen, and I welcome you to the magical, mysterious world of the Burren and the Cloosh, Galway Bay.

Spring flowers dot the Burren; gentians, geraniums, harebells, vivid colours peeping through a sea of grey limestone, the bright scuddy cloudy skies shine over the misty mountains, Galway bay in the horizon. 

This is the inspiration for my work, so welcome to my site where you will find silk paintings, hand painted silk scarves and story boxes.

I work to commission, creating large paintings which can combine wild flowers with local places of interest. See the County Roscommon painting below which illustrates this.




I love developing design ideas with both individuals and companies. Discovering exactly what you would like to achieve through design, whether a single item or complete range, and accomplishing it, is greatly satisfying.