A traditional fishing boat used off the west coast of Ireland which is celebrated in a festival in Kinvara, Co. Galway each year. This light catcher, which I made with hand painted silk, depicts a scene from the west of Ireland, a Galway hooker cargo boat, with its distinctive dark redsails and black base. The colour was obtained by boiling the sails in oak bark and the underneath was coated with tar and even rubbed with country butter to make them glide through the water faster. Although they were cargo boats families often raced with the cargos, from Connemara to Galway and back, rousing fierce competition which has resulted in many songs written as to could sail the fastest.

If you're a lover of hand painted silk or story boxes, local paintings from the Burren and County Galway, then Kivneen Designs is the ideal destination for the discerning buyer of unique art work. Perhaps pure silk is your preferred option...then prepare to experience some spell-binding ideas to enliven your home.

Bríd creates story boxes to capture and illustrate a place, person or theme through a mixture of items and art media. Shells, sea grasses and sea vegetables, dried flowers, momentoes and found objects with hand painted fabric are combined to show the exquisite forms and wonders of nature combined with her art and craft work.  Top of Form

Top of Form






 Sea scape story box


€295.00 sea urchin on silk


Shells on hand painted silk make this unique piece of wall art to remind you of the wonders of nature and to make a beautiful display for your home. 

This sea story box is a collection of sea shells, seaweed and crabshell on a base of hand painted silk. A laminated silk painting of a sea urchin sits on an abstract blend of soft greens, mauves, blue and rust silk. It is framed in a grape coloured wooden box and sits behind glass. Each shell was collected in Galway bay, the limpet shell with protruding seaweed echoes the structure of the sea urchin, the pointed top shell sits amid the sea dillisk, sitting nearby are the little colourful acorn barnacles. 

37 × 37 × 8 cm

Abelone on batik

This story box has shells, pearls and seaweed on a cotton batik fabric in a deep blue frame and measures 9 x 9 inches. These sea treasures will remind you of the wonders of nature; I combined an assortment of shells, seaweed and a few genuine pearls that shine and reflect light to contrast with the deep blues and browns of the batik painted fabric backdrop. A little glimpse of the shores of the west of Ireland where all the shells, excepting the abelone were gathered.








"Flowers bring a touch of paradise to our earthly lives"